Sunday, December 11, 2011

Christmas Got Pepper Sprayed

What has become of Christmas. Have the sweet and joyous Americana images by Norman Rockwell exited stage left permanently? I can remember when "Happy Holidays" was short hand for "Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year" and not an atheist victory call. Thankfully, the term "Merry Christmas" is more in vogue these days because of people like Bill O'Reilly leading the charge and a lot of fed up Americans who finally realized they also had rights and could refuse to accept the renaming of their sacred day. I'd like to think that people like me refusing to shop in any store that capitulated to the atheist demand also sent the message. We're beginning to understand that political correctness is the weapon of choice for the minority to override the consensus of the majority. Hopefully it's to late for our redemption.

Political Correctness has fostered a lack of respect and consideration of others. Political correctness demands we give up our personal and individual rights to bow before sectarianism. By it's very nature, political correctness is the total lack of respect for the beliefs and feelings of others. The few dictating to the many does not a better world make. When I wish a stranger Merry Christmas I'm sharing my joy not imposing my will on them. My Jewish friends wish me, a Christian, Happy Hanukkah -- I say thank you. If you deny my right to say Merry Christmas you are imposing your will on me. A Rasmussen poll found that 81% celebrate Christmas as a religious holiday -- I'd call that the many which are told not to say Merry Christmas.

The me first mantra of political correctness has manifested itself by turning the very act of shopping for gifts into a self centered war against other shoppers. How many times have we heard of physical altercations in shopping malls -- far to many. This lack of consideration for others has reached a crescendo this Black Friday when a woman actually pepper sprayed 20 other shoppers to get to an on sale Xbox 360. Does Black Friday now signify the color of shopper's hearts and not the day stores' balance sheets go from red to black? I just can't get that insane pepper spray image out of my head. Christmas 2011 will be now known as the year pushing and shoving at department stores graduated to pepper spray. Let this Christmas be the year we take a long look at the insanity and selfishness that has taken over this time of year. Let's put the good will back in Christmas. "Peace on Earth, good will to all men."

Merry Christmas to all, regardless of religious persuasion or lack there of.

There I said it... Is that the PC Police I hear at my door?

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