Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Finding Joy for Thanksgiving

For some of us this hasn't been a banner year. Perhaps you're out of work, your home mortgage is under water or even worse from a personal financial perspective. The economy is teetering on the edge of further disaster. Hell I'm concerned that by some feat of dirty Chicago politics Obama will be re-elected in 2012 and America will become beyond repair. Regardless of what happens I'll be picking myself up, dusting off and figuring how to make the best of what life and my own decisions have dealt me. Just before the big falls it's hard to identify something to be thankful for. This is after all Thanksgiving time and there's supposed to be something to be thankful for.

I've had some hard and painful downs in my life which I won't get into at this time. What I will share is that I've found a way to survive and prosper. In the midst of every disaster there is an upside hiding. That one positive thing that can make you smile. There's almost always something however small we can be thankful for. Grab onto it and put a big smile on your face. Barring that decide how to make the best of your situation even if it's the exit door. A plan always gives me a positive outcome to shoot for and I'll be thankful when I get there -- something to smile about.

Many will find solace out of belief in God and the faith that "all will be well." I wouldn't argue with those that find happiness in their faith. I'm a Christian but don't believe in waiting for His hand to come and fix things. He gave us all what we need to be the best we can be for ourselves and others. Not wasting His gifts is the least we can do -- my rule number one in life. That is why I'm rarely without a smile on my face. 

A smile without word or deed brings joy to all.

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