Saturday, July 02, 2011

Independence Day -- Past and Future

It's been 235 years since our independence became a reality and the 4th of July is once again upon us. My fondest memories of this day were those I spent at Mirassou Winery's 4th of July outdoor concert and wine tastings. After consuming my wife's picnic finest and copious amounts of red wine we'd settle down to listen to the symphony orchestra. When the darkness fell upon us it was time for the 1812 Overture which was carefully orchestrated with the fireworks display. Listening to that moving composition while watching the fireworks seemed to concentrate the meaning of this special day. My heart pounded with pride in being an American as my eyes welled up with tears for those that died to preserve our liberty. Being a war time veteran heightens those feelings but I'd like to think that love of country is ubiquitous for all Americans.

Sadly I feel like our special America is slipping away from us. Love of liberty, truth and country is being replaced by expectation of entitlements. Rather than a beacon of hope for the world we've been reduced to apologizing for the good we've done and the sacrifices we've made. No one, least of all our president, seems to respect our borders and sovereignty. Truth takes a backseat to special interests. Can you imagine living in a country where an educational institution will no longer teach there was a Holocaust because it offends Muslims? It's happened in America. The soul of America is being systematically destroyed, unemployment is still 9.1%, we are no closer to a deal to cut spending and pollster Rasmussen announced that only 21% of Americans strongly approve of the president's performance, against 39% who strongly disapprove. What happened to our grand melting pot where everyone was free to benefit from the fruits of their labor. I for one, want my America back with it's unique dependence on personal responsibility, self reliance and unity as a nation.

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