Thursday, April 22, 2010

Earth Day

Earth Day makes little sense to many. I saw an unscientific poll asking the question "Do you care about Earth Day?" with Yes and No for answers. Last check it was 96% No. Caring about the earth one day a year is like recycling one day a year. Awareness and personal responsibility for earth has to be a daily thing. A big difference is made if we all do a little every day to weave ecologically sensible activities into our daily lives until they become habits. It only make sense to favor products that save energy because they are both good for the earth and for your pocket.

When thinking about Earth Day the subject of global warming comes to mind. We're so used to being lied to by the powers that be it's hard not to be skeptical when someone yells the sky is falling. Global warming and cooling is a fact and our planet has gone through a number of long term climate cycles. These cycles were in play without the hand of man. To blame man for the cycle we're in seems pretty outlandish. Pollution is of course an issue that we've been making progress on and have more work to do. I believe that pollution of some kinds may impact climate to some degree. I don't however believe pollution alone is the primary cause of global warming. I find it difficult to believe so called scientists that forge data and spin it as proof positive of man caused global warming. I also give no credence to anything Gore says. After all he actual claimed he invented the Internet. Can you trust a man that tells such whoppers? By the way, the Arctic ice is currently in expansion. Is that also a sign of global warming?

Let's use a little common sense when considering our planet. Anything that raises the cost of energy or increases our dependency on foreign energy sources clearly makes little sense. Cap and Tax has to be the craziest idea I've heard of yet. Sure Al Gore and GE are in favor -- they'll make a boatload of cash and Gore certainly has already. Renewable energy is a win win but not if we are fined for not using what doesn't exist. Why do we need another government bureaucracy and a new layer of profit takers that add no value, only cost? Cap and Tax invents a business that has no product but forces you to pay anyway. While we're creating cost effective ways to generate non-polluting renewable energy we should be weaning ourselves off foreign oil and making use of the resources available in the United States. Our government's mismanagement of energy resources keeps the price high while bleeding cash to other countries. Despite the fact that over 50% of our electricity is generated with coal, Obama wants to drive anyone that uses coal out of business. Why when there's nothing to replace it with and when there is technology on trial in Mongolia and India that will clean the coal before burning? The company that invented this technology is Clean Coal Technology, Inc. which is an American company totally based in this country.

As a Californian I have to ask why Delta Smelt are more important than the agricultural future of our state. When farmers' water allocations are cut to 10% of what it was the whole country looses as our farmers go out of business. If we have to import more food the prices will go up as will some of our ability to ensure that our food is safe to consume. Why does everything the government does have unintended consequences which I think would be better labeled "They didn't look beyond the tip of their nose consequences."

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