Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Death of the American Dream

When our great country was founded our only entitlements were life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness -- Freedom. The Constitution was written to insure we kept those entitlements and so government wouldn't have the power to take them away. Freedom and personal responsibility gave birth to the American dream where hard work allowed any citizen to pursue and achieve their dream. With that achievement came pride of accomplishment, financial security for our families and self sufficiency. During adversity, our families, neighbors and churches came to our aid. We were one with others that shared freedom and our way of life. We were unique -- we were Americans. With our freedom came the ability to succeed, learn from our mistakes and benefit from hard work -- the American way.

Over time new government entitlements depersonalized the helping hand those close to us had provided. Before entitlements we were thankful for help others gave and responded in kind when others were in need. With government entitlements we loose the personal connection to the provider. Entitlements are expected rather than appreciated. Entitlements have become so pervasive that some survive totally on them while adding no value to the community. With Obamacare entitlements have gone beyond helping those in need or who have settled for existence without accomplishment to being a mandated component of everyone's life. Industrialization and the growth of the service industry had already eroded our self sufficiency making dependency on others the norm but in that case not eroding our personal responsibility. Entitlements transfer personal responsibility to the government. That loss of personal responsibility is a key killer of the American way as is the income redistribution associated the nationalization of free market businesses. Without a reward for hard work we loose our desire to achieve. Eventually individual wealth disappears and the government's can't take from the rich to give to the poor. There's nothing left to take when no one is rich. The masses have been converted from entrepreneurs to none producing dependent consumers of entitlements. The dream becomes a lost memory.

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