Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Veterans Day 2009

Veterans Day is here again and I've worn my dog tags outside of my shirt where others can see them. Hopefully their presence will encourage people to remember this special day to honor the veterans that served their country. I recall those I served with -- for them and those that came before or serve now I have great reverence and respect. We are a band of brothers that I'm proud to belong to. I'm still filled with pride whenever I see the American flag -- proud to be an American. Waves of sadness come over me for the psychological harm caused by my fellow Americans that treated solders returning from Vietnam with disrespect and in some cases hate. Sadly, disrespect of the military still exists in far to many Americans. These days it's hidden under the surface of the politically correct mantra and lie "I support our troops." Patriotism has somehow become self anointed and not earned.

A while back two soldiers, disabled by their war wounds, were interviewed on "The Factor." O'Reilly asked them how they were being treated by their fellow countrymen. He clearly remembered what happened to those in the Vietnam era. Both veterans praised their supporters but when supporters were named they were the VFW and the American Legion -- veterans all. Why only veterans? I couldn't help but to cry for them and yes, for myself.

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