Thursday, March 05, 2009

Adaptable & Responsible

Adaptability creates more opportunities for life and business decisions. I doubt anyone can say that our decisions always had totally positive outcomes for ourselves and others effected. Still that's not a reason not to make those decisions. I'm talking about my actions, not my principles for which I maintain stubborn devotion with a willingness to listen to other opinions. To a great extent I'm results oriented.

I've always approached life's obstacles with a willingness to take personal responsibility and adapt to achieve results. All to many refuse to dismount a dieing horse. Even better is check the horse's condition before mounting. Adapting to the reality and practicality of life has served me well. Then we have the "Change" mantra and our government saviors. Where are their principles and common sense.

When we consider today's economic situation we can easily point fingers at deserving others. Some shouldn't forget their personal responsibility for poor financial judgement. When you assume a debt without proper planning who's the bigger fool the borrower or the lender? Does one act of stupidity justify another? Clearly Congress doesn't check the horse before mounting. A huge "stimulus" bill was passed so quickly that no one had an opportunity to read it or consider the consequences. Still the bill was passed. One must wonder if bill's are passed by Congress because of the bill's content or because of the earmarks each member of Congress is bribed with. Do they say, "I don't understand the bill but if you give me money to please my constituents and keep me in office I'll vote yes anyway?" Don't forget there were plenty of earmarks to go around. I don't consider throwing a huge pile against the wall without knowing what will stick adapting and solving the economic situation. When the tab is in the trillions, trust me isn't good enough -- I want show me.

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