Sunday, February 08, 2009

FOIA abuse

We all know there are strong feelings on the subject of gay marriage. My personal beliefs on the subject aren't important to this post. Abuse of the Freedom of Information Act, FOIA, for intolerance and harassment is. is a perfect example of that abuse. Those that donated to support CA Proposition 8 against gay marriage are being harassed and threatened in their homes. All because used the FOIA to get donor information and Google Maps technology to identify them and their location for harassment or worse. I'm a veteran who cherishes liberty and freedom but I think this time freedom has run amok. In the intelligence community being cleared for information isn't enough. You had to demonstrate a need to know. It's time for us to consider if individual privacy shouldn't be a factor in releasing unclassified information under the FOIA. The common good would benefit from knowing the scope of support of an issue. I fail to see common good in releasing names, addresses and in this egregious case amount of donation. What an individual believes is a private issue that they can choose to share with others.

I've chosen to share my identity and opinions on some subjects openly on the Internet. These opinions are open for the reader to share. You may wonder what my opinion is on a subject I haven't shared -- that is your right to wonder. My right is privacy and that privacy shouldn't be lost because of your wonder or my choice to share that opinion with another. Sure the person I shared with may be a blabber mouth -- my bad for sharing with them. Without probable cause, as in search warrant, a person or group shouldn't be forced to evade my privacy. Wonder isn't probable cause for invasion of privacy nor is desire to harass.