Friday, July 18, 2008

How does one become American

  1. Be proud of and swear allegiance to American
  2. Attitude that embraces equality with unity -- not superiority or inferiority
  3. Embracing those things which are common -- knowledge, beliefs, profession, patriotism
  4. Respecting America's laws, society and values while accepting the benefits of America
  5. On occasion sharing our culture with an openness to others' cultures so that we may learn to embrace and celebrate our differences -- everybody's Irish on St. Patrick's day (green is the color of the day but there are no Irish flags)
How to fail

  1. Disrespecting American law and sovereignty -- embracing groups focused on hate and anti-Americanism
  2. Segregating one's self with language whether it be not learning English or adopting terminology that other races aren't allowed to use -- the N-word
  3. Inventing or adopting culture to exaggerate and create differences -- gangsta' lifestyle
  4. Demanding entitlements and preferences based on events that occurred long before either of us was alive -- defining one's self as victim -- abandoning personal responsibility
  5. Demanding respect without giving it -- one is only respected after first respecting others