Monday, June 09, 2008


Racism is a comfortable place for those without the desire or confidence to take charge of their lives. It's easier to blame others than to make something of yourself. There will always be people that are negative, ignorant, lazy, racist or perhaps evil. When one decides they aren't equal, they never will be. They facilitate racist stupidity with stupidity of their own. To be equal you need to be an American above all. Equality is a blending of people measured by their individual contributions and attitude. Equality is more a function of attitude than law. When someone calls themselves a hyphenated-American they draw attention to physical attributes or genealogy which have nothing to do with the person they are. Does the hyphen say you're more or less American? I'm inclined to think less. I have to question the motives of anyone who places their race before allegiance to their country.

While on this subject I thought about physical things that uniquely identify me as American. First there's my passport that verifies my citizenship and second my prized military dog tags. Granted it's possible for a non-citizen to enlist in the military but you can't be more American than being willing to die for this country. My Greek ethnic origin doesn't appear in either. They both cry out in unhyphenated terms American.

For those not familiar with dog tags, they have your name and serial number to identify you if you die in battle. They also have your blood type to save your life if you're wounded and your religion to save your soul with the last rights. Ethnic origin and sexual preference are conspicuously missing -- American is what matters. Despite some history prior to our times, this band of brothers are all equals -- Americans all.