Saturday, December 11, 2004

Achieve the Believable

Nothing gets done without step one -- a goal. Sadly many goals are never reached. The why is deceptively simple -- belief. First, if you don't believe you can, you can't. If those you need to achieve a goal don't believe, you'll fail. Lastly, if the benefactors don't believe they need it. That's right, failed again. This time failure is based on not caring. Success is the meeting of expectations, needs or beliefs.

The moral is; if the team lacks confidence, failure is assured, and if nobody cares, success will be invisible and for that matter, less likely. Once over the confidence hurdle one can more easily see that managing beliefs and expectations is part of the goal maturity required for success. If beliefs change or the effort underestimated the goal can be adjusted and the expectations managed to bring the goal back to reality.

The power of belief demands consideration even if we discount religious faith. We have all seen, if not recognized examples. How many times has a frail older person remained resolute that they would live until some family event only to willingly pass on shortly after the event. My Godfather was badly injured when his Flying Tiger was shot down in China during WWII. Almost every bone in his body was broken and he was told he'd never walk again. He refused to accept that fate and pronounced he would not only walk again but fly as well. My very first plane ride as a young boy was with my very recovered Godfather at the stick of his own stunt plane. What a role model for the power of the mind. There is also, for me, a more personal example. A number of years ago my aortic heat valve was failing. To prepare for the eight hour open heart surgery I meditated focusing on three things. First was positive thoughts of events that brought great joy and peace to me. My Godfather was in those thoughts. The second was that I wouldn't require any blood and the third was that the only acceptable outcome was getting well. The third obviously won out but I also went through the surgery, heart lung machine and all, without needing so much as one pint of blood. Since belief has so much power in trying times, imagine how likely meeting a goal will be when we apply that same belief.

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  1. come to think of it you may be on to some thin although your sentence about everything starting with a goal is questtionable