Sunday, October 10, 2004

Aftermath of Experience

Have you ever wondered, why am I me? Many look to others as the architects of their lives. Truth is that others, although influencial, are only laborers in building the real you. They all leave their marks on the finished product but, they aren't the architects -- you are. Why -- attitude. Regardless of the level of influence, your attitude will architect, determine, what you believe about yourself. That's the belief that's so ingrained deep inside us that it can't be changed without our help. Am I happy? Am I sad? Am I a good person? These questions and others are answered by your attitude. We may have fleeting moments of doubt but, we always come back under the control of our attitude. Sure, you can abdicate this self control of destiny to others. Then abdication becomes our final decision until we decide to take it back. It's always you. Symptoms of abdication are easily recognized and just as easily eradicated. We all know them, blaming others, acting like a victim, negativity -- not taking ownership of our lives. Life is the aftermath of experience. It's how we react and how we internalize that experience that determines the outcome. Attitude is our architect or our poison. Your decision.

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